Technology Entrepeneurs

How we can help you?

Building a Company is not easy. It requires Management, excellent Marketing and Product Management. Most of all it need skill, motivation together with plenty of hard work

That’s our background – how can we help you?

Business Management

Getting a company focused is difficult at any time. In a depression, or when one is forecast it is even harder. Establishing a strategy, and yet being flexible is extremely important.  We have been through these scenarios so that we have skills to help.

Technology Specialists

Product Management, Product Marketing, and Technical Support Management are crucial in any organisation. Taking a balanced view can be difficult with so many people with their own views. We can take a broad view or a narrow detailed view.


A significant part of our work. The IT industry has been hard work, the rewards are significant. We like to put something back into society. Usually for those less privileged than ourselves. If we can help with technology, then even better!.

Our Consultancy

We provide business management consultancy to help you. We have spent many years in these subjects in addition to our knowledge of European and American markets.

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