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Soller to Soller

In 2017 Catherine Friend and Valerie Bisbal gave themselves an objective of paddleboarding around the island of Mallorca, Spain.  The paddle would take them 3-4 weeks to cover the 555km coastline.

Their idea was to raise awareness of plastic in the ocean, in particular around the island. This beautiful region of Spain had one of the lowest awareness ratings for conservation. They wanted to do more. To engage with locals and schools. To engage with the millions of tourists (mainly British and German) that come here each year.

I met Cat in late April (less than 6 weeks before the start date), and quizzed her about their marketing and how far they had got. Not very far – something they had to get around to. They were totally focused on building their stamina and organising supplies and logistics to support their activity.

This is where we came in:


The project was a great idea. The commitment and stamina of the girls was totally inspiring. They had some really bad weather for one week, and we wondered if they could complete the venture.

Between April and June, we wrote press releases, contacted other SUP clubs and magazines (Stand-Up-Paddleboard). We created a Facebook page which grew to around 900 followers in 8 weeks.

We had radio and television interviews. A feature on the BBC. One notable event was when they were met on a beach by some German tourists who approached them and said “Ah, you are zee Girls” – their fame had spread. We organised a memorable reception with a flotilla and beach party on their completion of the project.

They met their targets. 


Education in rural Cambodia

In rural Cambodia schools can be 200km from a major city and 30km from the nearest town. The country has a difficult past, the Khmer Rouge in the 1970’s discouraged education and the effects of the regime took a long time to overcome.

This school came to our attention in 2018. Of the 1000 students in Grades 10, 11, 12 around 300 of them live at the school in dormitories. It is too far for them to go home at night. From the age of 15 they have to feed themselves and wash their own clothes. Look how well turned out they are. 

More than 50% do not possess a smart phone, and of the rest about half have a text  phone. What does your daughter or son have today?

When we looked at the school in more detail we realised how much the students went through to get an education. The teachers do their best to look after them with limited resources. Classrooms are equipped with a blackboard – no technology used.

When we looked at the IT systems, they were virtually non-existent. No server, 20 computers for teaching, 20 computers for student use, no applications, and no network security. For English they were teaching from books from pre-2000.

It has become a significant project just to start the process of bringing IT into the school and to upgrade English education. We are proud to have started this. It has now evolved into the charity “To Grow and Orchid”.

Temples and village life in rural Cambodia

Temples in rural Cambodia

We came across some temples in rural Cambodia. The heart of the country in the 6-9th centuries.

It is difficult to appreciate the family life around here. Families are tight-knit. The average wages are low (less than $150 per month). 

The government mainly promotes the world famous temples at Angkor Wat. We have helped the local community with some promotion of their own.

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