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Good Lifecycle Management is essential to the success of a Product. 

But do we make a great job of it? For example, are your resources skilled and sufficient to deliver the best results or do you struggle-by? Hence at ExchangeTeam we are focussed to help you with the management of your Lifecycle Management. Our customers tell us we add significant value.

Lifecycle management will start with the inception of a product right through to grave-stoning it. From the early ideas, first customer tests, first releases, through the bell curve to the time we need to say “enough is enough” and put the product into care and maintenance.

We all hope a product will deliver good results for many years. Sometime the life will be cut short due to market changes or competitor actions. It may not be easy when those involved have lived and breathed the product for long periods of time as they will look for anyway for their baby to continue. Consequently knowing when to make decisions is vitally important, and of course being strong enough to stand by that decision.

That is where ExchangeTeam comes in. 

We have been involved with many products across the industry from system utilities to vertical market applications and from high performance designs to cloud based technologies. In summary we live technology.

Some of these products we have designed, developed and marketed, others reviewed or added resourcing to a product team to help them through difficult stages of the process.

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