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What interests you?

Product, Analyst, Acquisition Services?

Product Strategy

Does your strategy lead the product development? Does the CEO/CTO agree with the strategy? Is it communicated to Product Management, Product Marketing and the Engineering team?

Product Management

Is there a 2 or 3 year plan based on the strategy? Is the engineering team capable of delivering to the plan? Are there enough resources listening to customers and reviewing the market?

Product Marketing

Have you identified and agreed your advantages. Do you have agreement on the product positioning? Is there training for sales and pre/post sales specialists? Do you have material for collateral and web-sites.

Analyst Relations

How do you work with your analysts? Do you ram your product and Company down their throat or debate your strategy and views with them? Creating a good balance is a challenge we will help you with. 


This is not our core business. We do it today to help clients in a broad marketing remit. At ExchangeTeam we can advise on style and content, because we have skills to create, develop and implement for you.


Again, not really our core business. We can help you identify key words, content structure and all those elements that go toward recognition of your site. We are involved today and have happy customers.


We know some really good PR companies – in some niche technology markets. As part of our role with you we will help you with writing press releases and communication material.


Are you looking for a Chief Marketing Officer / Marketing VP? Again not our core business. We can help you find one, because we know a lot of people in the industry.