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Product Lifecycle Management


Product Lifecycle Management

From the early stages to grave-stoning, there are dozens of key points in the product lifecycle. Making the decisions can be difficult because the product may have been the “baby” of key people in the team.

Team Review

Skills are important. Just as important are the roles of the product, marketing and technical team members. Ensuring there are no missing pieces from the jigsaw is essential. We can review your teams and identify weaknesses, training requirements and help you fix them

Product Vision

The need for an agreed vision is essential to senior staff. In addition it can be communicated to analysts and become part of the stated direction. There will be difficult questions to be asked and answered.


People / skills on short, long-term or permanent basis. We know plenty of people in product management and product marketing, and across the board in technical management.

Analyst Relationships

The need is to engage them to be seen in a good light rather than preach to them. Consequently you may need to radically change you approach on presenting your company, strategy and product. Our team will work with you on this.

Project roll-out

It’s amazing how many companies fail to roll-out a product to their customers without thoroughly testing the new version. Especially relevant is customer education, setting customer expectations through to measurement of support calls and successes. Most of all reflect on the results, and learn from your mistakes.

Share results

Share the common goals and the results. As a result everyone will be working from the same page.

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