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About Us

Marketing and Product Consultancy Background

Marketing Background

Almost everything we have done in the past years has been marketing related. The industry may have changed, but the basic principles have not.


Our background is Software and Services working for vendors. The blueprint of a smaller company is where senior management have hands on roles in the product from concept to delivery. With this in mind, we created the latest iteration of our company.


Our technology background includes¬†mainframes, transaction orientated systems through to Unix and rise of Windows in the 1980’s. Then staying close to Windows Server technology and moving into Cloud applications in the last decade. Definitely, technology is in our bloodstream.

Achieving the Goal

If your goal is acquisition. We have been there. Created a company, recognised by Gartner. Sold and went through the post acquisition phase. Of course none of it easy. When your private banker warns you of the pitfalls, believe him, there are many.

Extensive Product Roles

The background of our key people include Product Strategy, Product Management and Product Marketing roles in large and small companies including UK and multi national based. As a result of this diversity can help you achieve the answers you require.

Product Ownership

We have been involved in all facets of product ownership, not just as employees but as business owners where a wrong decision can have serious impact on the business and staff. Consequently these roles have all been undertaken with the diligence required.

Founded 1987

30 years as an independent company! Many years before that in employed Marketing, Product and Service Industry roles. Most noteworthy are roles as CEO, CTO and more where the company strategy, direction and risk was ours alone.

Analyst Briefings

Engaging with Gartner is rarely easy. It requires significant preparation, an open approach and willingness to work with the analyst. It is not just battering your product into them. Similarly with IDC, ESG, Forrester etc., though each has its own style and that cannot be taken for granted.


In 30 years we have recruited and helped recruit many marketing and product people. We used psychometric testing (profiling) and intelligence testing in the interviewing and selection process. To summarize we understand the roles and the skills and know potential candidates.

Committed and Close By

The majority of our work is in London and the Thames Valley. We are close by and understand that regular contact and occasional one-off conversations or meetings are needed. To sum up, we are committed to working with our Clients.


Pre and post acquisition. In the first place it is important to achieve the sale. Equally important is the post acquisition, and this is needed from both parties. It is noticeable how many organizations achieve the first and fail on the second. We are well versed in these areas.

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